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Easy vs Effective

We know you are busy. Maybe you are attracted by the idea of having 1 or 2 sessions and your problem is solved.  Or, you just do not want to address the situation. But be careful what promises you receive.

We have worked with dozens of professionals over the last 40 years and have come to the realization that easy creates a temporary fix, but is not effective.  The truth is ‘effective’ behavior modification can take several weeks – or several months. 

Behavior Consulting vs Behavioral Coaching

Do you need a coach or a consultant? 

The coach listens to you and your dog. They work closely with you through the whole process. And customize the program to suit your dog or face new problems.

The consultant addresses situations, provides solutions, and support. However, the responsibility for results is 100% yours. 

Functional vs Traditional Training

Traditional behavior modification and training was a ‘train the trainer’ approach. The consultant arrives at your house, provides you with a binder and shows you 1 or 2 methods. They then leave and you are responsible for the rest.

Functional works with you, one on one. The main difference is that they do not show you how to fix the problem. They work with you teaching the therapies, then help bomb proof the dog. You can work with them as little, or as much as you want. 

How We Can Help You?

Not every dog training service is right for everyone. Our specialty is with anxious, fearful, and over aroused dogs. This displays as aggressive, hyper, stubborn, dominant, destructive, PTSD and OCD behaviors. 

We do not ‘fix your dog’ for you. In my 40 years of experience we rarely see a ‘quick fix’ work long term. We do give you the tools needed to fix your dog and work with your dog to make sure you achieve the desired results. 

We do not ‘train the trainer’. We will not give you a binder, and show you 1 or 2 ways to train a dog, and then leave. Instead, we will work with you and your dog developing techinques, or therapy programs, that will address your dog’s personal issues. 

We prefer the term ‘coach’ to ‘consultant’. Both are trained and educated to the same level. Both should be certified. The difference is in their approach. A coach works with you and within your limitations to achieve the desired results. A consultant addresses a problem, gives you a solution, and results are  your responsibility.

Please read the information below. If you need more information then read our blog and send me an email. 

Private Training - The Center

Solve problems preventing reliable obedience, reactivity, and lack of control.  Gain good street walking skills, house manners, polite greetings, no hyper outbursts when excited. 

  • OCD behavior
  • Dog-Dog aggression
  • Barking and Biting
  • Walking, lunging and barking
  • Doorbell/visitior hyper issues
  • Destructive Behaviors
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Resource Guarding – Growling at people

8 x 1 hour sessions = $375

Private Coaching - In House

Therapy can take a long time. Sometimes a dog can work on the same calming exercises for weeks before they ‘take’ and the dog is ready to move on.  We prefer coaching over consults because in coaching we work with you and your dog. In a consult we tell you what to do, and you do it.

A consult includes: 1 hr intake phone call, unlimited emails and exchanging videos of your progress, plus home session. 

Program #1:

1 Coaching session- In-home:  $100 – 150

Program #2 (3 Month) – $975

5 in home coaching sessions, 1x 30 min phone session a week, unlimited emails. 

Program #3 ( 6 Month) – $1275

5 in home coaching sessions, 3 in center coaching sessions, 1×30 min phone session a week, unlimited emails. 

(includes unlimited phone/email support for the sessions we discussed, for as long as you own your dog)

Includes free access to our seminars

Private Therapy - Our Center

Most dogs who need therapy for anxiety and or aggression need to work out of their ‘safe zone’ to reduce risk. Therapy is for dogs who will not benefit with ‘training’ or ‘calming’ exercises. Therapy is normally used with dogs with no reason for ‘acting out’. It is also benficial for people who do not feel qualified to handle their own dog’s therapy, or want a weekly ‘check up’ with the trainer to make sure they are on the right track.

10 sessions = $475

includes unlimited email/phone consults pertaining to the issue we discussed as long as you own the dog. 

includes free access to our behavioral seminars

Group Classes

We suggest many dogs join group classes after therapy to ‘proof’ the new behaviors. The more a dog practices, the better the new behavior becomes. 

Suzanne teaches the START Functional Obedience program at Sport Dog Training Center, Aylmer Ontario. 

  • Puppy Level 1: Great Beginings – 8 – 14 weeks
  • Puppy Level 2: SMART Pup – 13weeks – 6 months
  • Social Tolerance, Frustration Tolerance 6 – 16 months
  • Minds and Manners: 1 year –
  • 8 weeks $175 includes workbooks
  • Reactive Dog Ongoing
  • Scent Detection

8 weeks $175 

Online Coaching

We receive request for help from around the country. Online Coaching includes phone calls, viewing videos, emails, and downloading class sheets. 

$45 hour 

Inlcudes unlimited emails pertaining to the current issue. Video consults and evaluations. Phone/skype consults. 

After Training or Consults

fter learning many dogs need to build stress tolerance skills, practice around other people and dogs, and learn not to get excited. 

After the first Group Class you may continue to work in the classes: 10  weeks for $150, or

1 year membership to any/all group classes through the week: $600 single $750 family