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No Cookie Cutter Solutions

We will not offer a short term quick fix. 

We will listen, to find a lasting solution

Hope and Help

Understanding is 99% of the solution

Herding and Working Breeds

Working and bully breed specialist. Learn why other training methods didn’t work for your dog. 

Knowledge is Power

Workshops – Seminars – Coaching

Certified Behavior Consultant

Suzanne has invested 10 years in education working with someo of the top names in the canine cognitive and neuroscience communities. Her education spans mentoring with top professionals, and studying at Penn U and MIT. Suzanne has been in the London area 4 years, and has worked 1:1 with breeders, pet owners, and veterinarians.

Her certification demands 36 accredited CEUs each year, holding the high standards demanded by the IAABC.   Learn more about what a behavior consultant, dog trainer, or behaviorist can offer you and your dog.  

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Our Facility or Home Consult

Our facility is the best equipped for cognitive enhancement, and safe handling of aggressive dogs in South Western Ontario. It is designed to keep the dog safe, comfortable, and reduce risk.  The objective is to keep you and your dog safe, and use compassionate methods to help your dog heal. 

Some dogs do not need to attend a facility, or need weekly ‘training’ sessions. We can improve your dog’s quality of living, and return peace to your home with consults based on your dog’s progress. 

Learn more about our facility and methods

Obedience Training vs Behavior Modification

“Obedience is nothing more than tricks or tasks a dog does to please us. Obedience is a skill.”

“Behavior is a dog’s reaction to the good, and bad, in the world ‘as s/he sees it. Behavior is about relationship.”  Suzanne Wiebe

What is Good Behavior

A dog displays good behavior when it is physically, mentally and emotionally balanced. 

We elicit good behavior by teaching a dog to be calm and confident, through relationship centered learning.”