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Suzanne Wiebe

I believe that the pet’s owner holds the key to their dog’s change in behavior. There is no ‘quick fix’ or ‘secret’. Canine Behavior Modification is about bringnig the dog back into harmony with the family, and helping it regain its place in the home. 

Listening to owners tell me how to help their dogs.  Natural Behavior Modification uses the dog’s instinctual deferential behavior, its need for social relationship, and Multisensory enrichment to help dogs learn to change. 40 years experience has taught Suzanne that dog owners do not need to fight with their dogs, or dominate them to change behavior. 

Suzanne has studied psychology, and canine behavior. She is certified as a personal coach, and a canine behavior consultant. She continually upgrades her education at both the professional and the university level, including appropriate case study work and testing. 

studying, earning almost 40 CEUs a year, provides the ability to develop innovative, custom programs to deal with any dog, in any situation. The information given pet owners is based on scientific principles of animal behavior, not personal experience and opinion. 

Suzanne specializes in hyper behavior, aggression, OCD and PTSD caused by anxiety, fear, and lack of mental development in puppy stages. She has a higher than average success rate with rescues, working breeds, and nervous/anxious dogs. 

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